PS - Mt Baldy Hike and Camp

  • Sat, June 01, 2019
  • 7:00 AM
  • Sun, June 02, 2019
  • Mount Baldy CA


This event has been cancelled and rescheduled to Saturday June 22, 2019 due to snow and ice.

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Hike and Tent Camp Mt. Baldy

Here's your chance to hike to the top of Mount San Antonio, colloquially referred to as Mount Baldy.

We have several options for this trip:

  • You can drive yourself up and back all in one long day; or,
  • Stay overnight in your tent or rent a tent cabin

Where to meet?

OPTION 1 - Carpool: Meet at 7:00 am in front of Hunters Nightclub in Palm Springs. Click here for Google Maps directions to Hunters.

Hike Leader David can accommodate 3 people with backpacks (or, inquire about possible carpooling with members of your chapter). Parking is available off the road near Hunters. 

Carpooling is encouraged and may be available if offered by a driver. You are responsible for arranging your own transportation or ride share.

It is approximately a 2 hour drive to our starting point.

OPTION 2 - Drive yourself and park at the Mt. Baldy Ski Lift parking lot. Meet the group coming from Hunters at the ski lift ticket booth at approx. 9:15 am.  Click here for Google Maps directions.

Car Parking Spots To Campsite Options

Hike To Campsite Take Ski Lift Up To Campsite 

After meeting at the ski lift ticket booth, we will relocate cars closer to the hike trail head. You'll park your car on the side of the road and leave it there overnight.*

We will then start our hike along the fire/service road up to the campsite.

Start Time:  9:30 am

Hike Duration: About 2 hours

Distance: 3.6 miles, 1,700 ft. elevation gain

Pace: Slow

Difficulty:  Moderately strenuous

While hiking up the fire/service road (gradual incline), one is rewarded with fabulous views of this pristine forest as we slowly ascend.  We will take appropriate breaks along the way.  

*IMPORTANT! - Every car parking on the along the road MUST have an Adventure Pass or National Parks Pass card on the dashboard. 

For more information about passes and permits - click here. PLEASE observe the speed signs/limits while driving on Mt. Baldy Rd.

After meeting at the ski lift ticket booth, you'll leave your car in their parking lot overnight.

You'll need to purchase ski lift ticket(s):
  • $15 one way up, hike to peak and then hike all the way back down the same day; or
  • $15 one way up, hike to peak and back to the campsite, tent overnight and then hike back down the next day; or
  • $25 round trip. This option offers an opportunity to hike to the peak, stay overnight in a tent at the campsite and take the ski lift back down the next day; you can also just hike to the peak and then take the ski lift down the same day with no camping.
The ski lift has wonderful scenery along the 20 minute climb to the campsite area.

Purchase your ski lift ticket(s) online a week or two ahead.  To purchase ski lift tickets - click here.  There is a senior (65+) discount when you purchase two days.

You can also purchase 
various meal options with a ski lift ticket for the Top of the Notch restaurant  (dinner, breakfast or both) - click here

Tent Campsite Cost:  For those tent camping overnight, each tent permit costs $10.00 (for 1 or 2 people) - bring cash. Reservations are not required for tent spaces. Tent permits are purchased at the bottom ski lift booth. 

Tent Cabin Rental: Click Here to Reserve

Once we arrive at the campsites (near the Top of the Notchrestaurant), you have a few options to consider: 

  • Set up camp and hang out for the rest of the day; or
  • Hike to peak and set up camp later. The views are stunning up and back!  You'll have plenty of time to set up camp, before sunset, when we return.
For those who are interested hiking to Mt. Baldy Peak
Approx 11:45 AM

Start Time:  Around 15 minutes after hikers from below arrive at the campsite.  

Start Location:  Meet outside the Top of the Notch restaurant.

Duration:About 5 hours or less round trip

Distance: 6.5 miles, 2,300 ft up and back to the campsite / restaurant

Pace: Slow, with appropriate breaks

DifficultyVERY Strenuous

Terrain: Dirt, rocky -- WARNING: There are two short areas where the trail is either quite narrow and/or some very steep drop-offs. 

Be mindful of the ALTITUDE as the hiking will be in the 7,800 ft - 10,066 ft. range.


Around 9:30 am, we will head back down to the where the cars are parked.  Or, you can take the ski lift back down - you'll need to have (or purchase) a ski lift ticket.

Before leaving breakfast option- the Top of the Notch Restaurant & Bar serves a hearty breakfast from 7 to 11 am.  If the majority would like to stay for breakfast, we will.  The trip Leader will try to arrange for a better group rate (single rate is $13). 

If no one is interested, we will head back down earlier than 9:30 am.  

Note: Online registration required to acknowledge waiver electronically.

IMPORTANT: Please wear appropriate hiking shoes, bring plenty of water (2 liters or more recommended), food** (snacks / lunch / dinner / breakfast), a hat, sunscreen, In Case of Emergency (ICE) contact Information and a wonderful attitude.  Please - no alcohol is to be consumed while on the hiking trails.

** Eating at the Top of the Notch Restaurant & Bar is an option for meals. 

Weather - Inclement weather conditions will cancel this backpacking / hiking event.

Contact: Please call David at 760-320-2774 (home #) for inquiries or email him at:

It is the highest peak of the San Gabriel Mountains, and the highest point in Los Angeles County, California. The peak is within the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument and the Angeles National Forest.

Mount San Antonio's sometimes snow-capped peaks are visible on clear days and dominate the view of the Los Angeles Basin skyline. The peak is pyramid shaped, with a steep south face (Baldy Bowl) and a shallower north face. 

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