Each October, California Great Outdoors, Inc. (GO) meets to elect a Chair, Secretary and a Financial Officer for a one year term. This meeting occurs at our Annual Conference held in October.  Each GO Chapter elects a Board Representative in the month of September prior to our conference to serve on the Board of Directors for one year. Committee Chair Persons are either appointed or elected by the Board. We are all volunteers and don't have any paid staff.

The Board of Directors consists of the Chair, the Financial Officer, the Secretary, and one Board Member selected to the position by their respective chapters. Only these Directors have voting rights. The Chair is a non-voting member of the Board except in the case of a tie. The Financial Officer and Secretary are non-voting members of the Board.

You can read the official duties of each position in our Bylaws.

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Board Elected Positions

Board Chair Dennis Curran PS
Secretary Michael Keller PS
Financial Officer Lance Whitmier OCLB
Chapter RepresentativesSteve Sisneros LA

Michael Millan OCLB

Cliff Clue PS

Thomas Larson SBVC

Tony Mai SD

Standing Committees & Appointments


Dennis Curran PS

Awards Chair
Dennis Curran PS
Bylaws Chair Michael Keller PS
Conference Chair (43rd)Lance Whitmier OCLB
Member At Large


Outdoors Experience Chair Scott Connelly PS
Outings Chair
Lance Whitmier OCLB
Outreach Chair John "J-Mo" Molina SBVC
Webmaster John "J-Mo" Molina SBVC

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