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Here are some things you should know before joining the Great Outdoors (GO) club:

    • You must be eighteen years of age or older.
    • Our Annual Membership rate (as of 10/1/2014) is $25 Per Person. Some Chapters offer discounts for seniors, serving as a Chapter Officer, etc. Membership rates cover the expenses of running the club: supplies, discounted meals, pool party lunches, this website, etc. We do not have joint memberships for couples, throuples, etc. - each person must sign up individually.
    • Your $25.00 annual membership fee entitles you to join any outing of any chapter for the discounted member price, as well as join the social events in any of the GO Chapters hosted throughout the year, often at no cost. Some Chapters email a monthly club newsletter.
    • Although we are a non-profit organization, your membership dues are generally not tax deductible. If you are joining as a business, your dues may be a valid business expense (check with your tax preparer). We are governed by a set of Bylaws which you must agree to follow and abide by - click here - to read them.
    • As a member, you agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions - click here to read them.
    • Be assured, that your email will NEVER be distributed or sold to anyone and will remain completely private. Members can choose to share parts of their profile information to other members if they wish.

Visit one of our Chapter pages and then click their "Join us" link where you can pick from one or more membership categories (depending upon the Chapter) or if ready to join - click here.

If you don't wish to join at this moment, you can "register" with us and get yourself on one or more mailing lists - click here

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