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Great Outoodoors Is Celebrating 40 Years!

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Great Outdoors is comprised of five Chapters located in the southern part of California. Each Chapter creates their own overnight trips for camping (cars, tents & RVs), backpacking, off roading, etc. During our annual conference (held in October each year), the five Chapters get together and compare trip dates, locations, etc. The end result is what we call our "All Chapter Calendar." Our Outings Committee Chair compiles the information and creates the calendar. You can also visit any of the five Chapters by clicking on the "Local Chapters" button above.

Please note: The calendar dates are for planning purposes only. Dates may change and trips may be canceled due to weather, problems getting campground reservations, schedule conflicts, etc. Always check with the listed "Trip Leader" to confirm events, trip details, cost, cancellation policy, etc.

When you join one Great Outdoors Chapter, it's as if you are a member of all of the five Chapters. You are welcomed and encouraged to go on all of our day and overnight events.

You now have a choice of three different "views" of our overnight events. By clicking on one of the samples to the right, you'll be taken to your view choice. The top choice is our "traditional view" and will open up a .pdf file for you to view, print, download, etc. Our middle choice is a Google Calendar in a "month view" format. The choice on the bottom is a Google Calendar in an "agenda view" or list view format. If you currently use a Google Calendar, you'll be able to overlay our events into your personal Google Calendar.

Please also note our calendar week starts on a Monday. Since most of our overnight events run Fri-Sun, the calendar displays better when those three days are on the same line.

For instructions on syncing our GO Calendars to your personal electronic devices (iPad, iPhone, etc.) or an eMail client software package such as MS Outlook - click here.

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We are testing a combined calendar which displays all day and overnight events for all of the Chapters who wish to participate. It will include meetings, holiday parties, hikes, overnight trips, etc. To view it - click here

Calendar - Traditional View

Calendar - Monthly View

Calendar - List View

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Visit our local chapter websites: Los Angeles, Orange County/Long Beach, Palm Springs, San Diego, Santa Barbara/Ventura County

Great Outdoors is a not for profit, all-volunteer LGBT organization dedicated to the enjoyment of outdoor recreation.

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