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Peter Each October, California Great Outdoors, Inc. elects a Chair (picture on left), Financial Officer, and Secretary for a one year term. Each chapter elects a Board Representative to serve on the Board of Directors for one year. Committee Chair Persons are either appointed or elected by the Board. We are all volunteers.

The Board of Directors consists of the Chair, the Financial Officer, the Secretary, and one Board Member selected to the position by their respective chapters. Only these Directors have voting rights. The Chair is a non-voting member of the Board except in the case of a tie. The Financial Officer and Secretary are non-voting members of the Board.

Board Of Directors
Board Chair Pete Emond-Worline chair@greatoutdoors.org
Secretary Gary Thompson secretary@greatoutdoors.org
Financial Officer Ed Emond-Worline treasurer@greatoutdoors.org
LA Chapter Board Rep Steve Sisneros boardrep-la@greatoutdoors.org
OCLB Chapter Board RepFrederick Brown boardrep-oclb@greatoutdoors.org
PS Chapter Board Rep Cliff Clue boardrep-ps@greatoutdoors.org
SBVC Chapter Board Rep Thomas Larson boardrep-sbvc@greatoutdoors.org
SD Chapter Board Rep Vacant boardrep-sd@greatoutdoors.org

Standing Committees & Appointments
Archives Chair Steve Sisneros archives@greatoutdoors.org
Awards Chair Brian Miller awards@greatoutdoors.org
Bylaws Chair vacant bylaws@greatoutdoors.org
Outdoors Experience Chair vacantoe@greatoutdoors.org
Outings Chair vacant outings@greatoutdoors.org
Outreach Chair vacant outreach@greatoutdoors.org
Webmaster Ed Emond-Worline webmaster@greatoutdoors.org
Website Consolidation Chair Wes Stieringer websiteconsolidation@greatoutdoors.org

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Great Outdoors is a not for profit, all-volunteer LGBT organization dedicated to the enjoyment of outdoor recreation.

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